Benefits of Alfalfa

Alfalfa is said to be a hormone balancing herb because it can boost low estrogen levels and lower high estrogen levels.

Those are just a couple of the benefits of alfalfa. It can also help you in other ways like lowering your blood cholesterol level.

benefits of alfalfa

Alfalfa is a legume that has been used for years as a dietary and medical supplement. We humans have been taking it to increase lactation, regulate hormones, and lower our blood cholesterol level. It is also used as animal feed, and you will often see bales of alfalfa in fields.

Note that while there have been quite a few animal studies on alfalfa, there have been very few human studies done to document the effects of alfalfa.

Raising Low Estrogen Levels

Alfalfa contains isoflavones, which are a type of plant estrogen that can help to raise your body's estrogen level if you have a low level. You can also find isoflavones in red clover and soy products.

Lowering High Estrogen Levels

Plant estrogen is not as strong as the estrogen in your body. This means that if you have a high estrogen level and you consume plant estrogen, the plant estrogen competes with the estrogen in your body. Your body will use some plant estrogen rather than its own estrogen, and your estrogen level will decrease.

Other Benefits of Alfalfa

Here is a list of symptoms and conditions that alfalfa treats.

  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Low lactation (it acts as to stimulate lactation)
  • Promote urination
  • Digestive problems

Side Effects

You should not take alfalfa supplements if you are pregnant, nursing, or currently taking blood-thinning medications. Don't take alfalfa if you have lupus.


Many people enjoy drinking alfalfa tea. You can also take capsules or eat alfalfa sprouts. If you eat the sprouts, be sure to wash them thoroughly before eating.

Take 2-3 doses a day.

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