Increase Female Libido

Increase female libido! As we age, about half of us experience a drop in our sex drive.

Don't be shy! Having a low sex drive is nothing to be ashamed about, and it doesn't have to be a permanent condition.

increase female libido

Increase Female Libido


Taking supplements can help you to balance your hormone levels and increase your female libido.

  • Thanda Passion Booster is an herbal supplement with a mixture of herbs specially made for women. It will get you in the mood!

  • Herbs for Low Estrogen: Black cohosh and Dong quai are herbs that gives us a natural estrogen-like effect.

    Eating 1 tablespoon twice daily of ground flax seed can also increase your estrogen level.

  • Herbs for Low Progesterone: Chasteberry is an herb that will help to increase your progesterone levels.

  • Herbs for Low Testosterone: Research shows that testosterone can increase female libido. Maca, Tongkat ali, rhodiola rosea, catuaba bark, and gingko biloba are herbs that can help your testosterone level.


  • Relax: One huge factor in your sexual desire is your emotional and mental well being. If you are not in a place where you can relax and feel stress-free, then it's pretty hard to feel sexy.

  • Kegel Exercises: This exercise will strengthen your vaginal muscles and get you feeling a little more frisky. The best part? You can do this exercise throughout your day, and no one will be able to tell!

    Tighten the muscles in your vagina like you are stopping yourself from urinating. Hold the tightened muscles for 10 seconds. Do this five times. Try to do this a few times each day to increase female libido.

  • Sex Toys: Before you get too shy, know that sex toys are getting more and more popular out there - even in the conservative Midwest!

    While women used to have in-home Tupperware Parties, they are now having Passion Parties where they come together in a friend's home and buy everything from vibrators, lubricants, and edible chocolate body paint to sexy lingerie.

    And if you'd rather not buy bedroom products around a large group of women? You can easily buy these products online where they are shipped in a plain brown box.

  • Sex Therapy: You might want to consider seeing a therapist either with your partner or as an individual. We get so many mixed messages about sex that it's no wonder many of us have sex issues!

    Talking with an expert can help you and your partner strengthen your relationship and will help you increase female libido.

    How do you find a sex therapist? Check with the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists to find certified sex therapists.

  • Aphrodisiacs: Certain female aphrodisiac foods can help us to feel in the mood more often. Bring on the dark chocolate, champagne, and lobster!

  • Sex: This may sound strange, but the more sex you have, the more your sex drive will grow.

Causes of a Low Sexdrive

  • Low Estrogen: Low levels of estrogen can lead to vaginal dryness and the thinning of vagina tissue, which makes sex painful. Low estrogen can also make you less sexually sensitive to touch.

  • Low Progesterone: This hormone helps us to feel aroused and helps the blood flow in our vaginas. It also acts as a mood balancer.

  • Low Testosterone: Between the ages of 35-50, women loose about 50% of their testosterone. That huge loss can take a toll on our sex life.

  • Relationship Issues: This one is a huge factor. If you lack an honest, personal connection with your partner, your body and mind can't feel relaxed, safe, and sexy.

  • Lack of Sleep: Menopause insomnia can leave you feeling less than satisfied when you wake up in the morning. Not getting enough sleep causes many issues in our lives, and one of them is a lack of sexual desire.

  • Depression: Are you feeling blue? Menopause depression affects about one in ten women in midlife. Chances are, if you're unhappy, it is affecting your sex drive.

Self Esteem - Feel Better & Increase Female Libido

  • Exercise: Have you ever noticed that when you're engaged in a regular workout routine, it's much easier to feel self confident? Find an exercise that you enjoy, and treat your body and mind to this exercise at least a few times a week. (Walking, kettlebells workouts and yoga are a few of my faves.)

  • Eat Well: Feeling bloated will certainly not help you to feel sexy. Consider eating a high fiber diet to help you feel better.

  • Feeling Good: Slip on something that makes you feel sexy, linger in your bathtub with the candles lit, get a massage (or convince your partner to give you one!), or wear your favorite perfume. Help yourself to feel sexy.

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