Female Libido Booster

Many menopausal women experience the effects of a low libido... and so do their partners!

Use these female libido boosters to increase your sexdrive.

Female Libido Boosters for You!

There are a few options for increasing female libido.

Herbal supplements

Herbal supplements (affiliate link) are made to naturally increase female sexual desire. Doesn't that sound good!?

They will help you not only to feel in the mood, but also to strengthen your orgasms after you're in the mood and in the act!

And if you think that herbal products don't work, consider the fact that women have been using them for centuries to boost their sexual desire, and many, many women have found them to be extremely helpful!

They can help women, not only in menopause, but women who are recovering from the birth of a child, women taking anti-depressants, and women on acne medication that affects libido.

Take a holistic approach to treating your needs. Focusing on helping your hormones, but also your diet, lifestyle, and emotional life.

Two herbal supplements that I recommend are Thanda Passion Booster and Maca Supplements.

female libido booster

Intimate Toys

Intimate toys can also act as a female libido booster by adding a little spice to the bedroom scene.

If you're not too keen on the idea of walking into your neighborhood sex store and asking for their best vibrator, order your intimate toys online.

You'll enjoy the comfort of looking at products from your home, and you won't have to worry about running into anyone you know.

Speaking of that, when you order these online, even the postman won't know what you're getting as most intimate toys will arrive in a plain brown box.

No one except you will know what's inside.

Give it a shot. If you have never ventured into the arena of sex toys, you have my guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised.

I recommend this product.

Oh, one more thing. If you haven't tried kegel exercises yet, you might want to give those a try, too!

Why Do You Have A Low Libido?

There are many reasons women have a low libido.

They range from certain medications that affect your sexdrive (like anti-depressants and some acne medications) to dropping hormones in menopause.

Other physical issues that could be causing your low libido include a poor diet and a lack of sleep.

It's pretty difficult to happily go through your day, much less feel sexy, when you are not getting enough sleep at night!

Also, remember that you are not just a physical being, so your low libido may not simply be the result of physical changes to your body. It may also be a result of relationship problems, stress, or depression.

Women in peri menopause and menopause (around the age of 35-50), tend to experience a low sexdrive because of changing hormones.

Not only do women during these years experience low estrogen, but they also experience low progesterone, and low testosterone.

All of these changes can lower your desire to get in the mood.

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