Kegel Exercise Device

Use a Kegel exercise device to tone your vaginal muscles! (affiliate link)

They're great for women who have had children, women who suffer from incontinence, and women looking to increase their sexdrive.

Kegel History

Kegel exercises were invented when Dr. Kegel was helping women with incontinence having inadequate control over urination muscles). He helped them by having them strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.

Lucky for some of those women, after doing kegel exercises for a few months, while it helped them control their incontinence, it also helped them to have an orgasm for the first time in their life!

Doing these exercises itself won't lead you to orgasm, but it will tighten your vaginal muscles so that when you do have sex, it will be easier for you to orgasm.

Read more about female libido boosters if you want more tips on increasing your libido and helping you to have stronger orgasms.

Instructions for Kegel Exercises

You can do these exercises (affiliate link) anytime, anywhere.

Exercising your Kegel muscles is as simple as tightening your vaginal muscles as if you are stopping yourself from urinating. Once you know which muscles you are using, follow this guide:

1. Sit or lie down.

2. Tighten your Kegel muscle for three seconds.

3. Do this ten times.

4. Once you are used to three seconds, try for four second cycles, and then work your way up to ten seconds at a time.

5. Do your ten reps three times a day.

Kegel Exercise Devices

As stated above, you can do your Kegel exercises without the help of any device or product. But, using a product can help you to get more tone without having to think about it as much.

These two products that I recommend are quite similar. Both are made with little round balls that you insert into your vagina, similar to inserting a tampon.

You leave them in while you go about your daily routine. You might begin by leaving them in for only 30 minutes and work up to leaving them in all day long.

They tighten your vaginal muscles as you go through your day without you having to think about it.

  • Lelo Luna Beads: These come with four balls (two pink, two blue), but you only use one or two at a time.

    The four balls are different sizes and different weights. This allows you to start with the smaller, easier balls and work up to the larger, more difficult balls (which you'll be able to do after your muscles begin to tighten.)

    They cost between $35-$45.

  • Smartballs: These are larger than Luna Beads, and they only come with two balls. They work in the same way as Luna Beads.

    They cost between $20-$25.

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