Treating Migraines & Headaches:
Menopause Help

Use this menopause help guide to learn about your menopausal migraines and how to treat them naturally. You can feel better!

Why Do We Get Migraines?

The exact cause of pre menopausal migraines is a bit difficult to pin down. While it is clear that they are caused from an imbalance in our hormones, the type of imbalance is a bit trickier to figure out. The culprit could be low estrogen, low progesterone, or too much estrogen.

Make sure to see your doctor to be sure that your migraines are caused by menopause and not a more serious issue.

menopause help

Natural Remedies to the Rescue


Taking 600 mg a day of this mineral can lower your blood pressure and help your migraines.


This is an herb that has been shown to reduce the number and severity of women's migraines. I recommend taking 125 mg tablet a day, but don't use this if you are taking other medications that act as bloodthinners.

Black Cohosh

This herb has been used by the Native Americans for centuries. It acts like a natural estrogen in our bodies, and can help ease your migraines. Take 20 mg twice a day. I recommend Remifemin.

Licorice Root

This herb can act like aspirin and help to ease your headaches.

Herbal Teas

Drink herbal teas that contain ginger, licorice root, feverfew, or chamomile.

Soy Estrogen

Eating soy can help to balance your estrogen levels and relieve your migraines.

Progesterone Cream

Rubbing 1/2 to 1/4 tsp into your face, hands, stomach, or neck has been shown to relieve many women of their pre menopause headaches. I recommend Fem-Gest Progesterone Cream.


  • Foods to Avoid: chocolate, caffeine, MSG, bacon, moldy cheeses, alcohol

  • Other: Skipping meals, birth control pills, bright lights, and not getting adequate sleep are all factors that can irritate your migraines.

  • Do This: Be sure to drink plenty of water, get your daily exercise, and reduce your stress (think baths, books, candles, and music).
Finding menopause help is the first step to living without painful menopause and pre menopause symptoms like migraines. You can feel like yourself again.

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