Natural Herbs for Menopause

Use this guide to learn about natural herbs for menopause. These include chasteberry, don quai, and black cohosh.

You'll also learn about menopause vitamins and other ways to relieve symptoms of menopause. Yeah for natural treatments!

natural herbs for menopause

If you have these symptoms...

use these herbs
& vitamins

Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Insomnia

MellowPause will help you maintain balanced moods and healthy sleep patterns.

Read more about Black Cohosh.

Night Sweats, Vaginal Dryness, Digestive Problems

Dong Quai promotes hormonal balance and keeps your estrogen and progesterone levels in a normal range.

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Weight Gain, Low Energy, PMS Aches, Osteoporosis

Vitamin D supplements give you what you need when you can't get out into the sun. It will help your immune system function, and it is an important ingredient to your bone health.

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MiGone relieves your tension and stress. Migone's main ingredient is Feverfew.

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Irregular Periods, Depression, Tender Breasts

Endo-Ex brings you hormonal balance. It supports your endometrial lining and will help you to have more comfortable periods.

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Fatigue, Breast Tenderness, Digestive Issues Licorice Root has been used as an anti-inflammatory for years. It helps your skin look amazing and your tummy feel good.

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Digestive Problems Taking Alfalfa Leaf supplements helps you get your dark greens in everyday, and will help your digestive problems.

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Insomnia, Osteoporosis Calcium & Magnesium are critical components for strong bones. Bonus: These supplements will also help you sleep better!
Vaginal Dryness, Digestive Issues

Flax Seed Meal rules! It's a healthy and easy way to get fiber and other important nutrients that will make you feel better. Just add this stuff to your cereal, smoothies, salads, muffins... the possibilities are endless.

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Why Natural Herbs for Menopause Remedies?

You have three main choices when you are deciding on your menopause treatments: Synthetic Hormones, Bioidentical Hormones, Natural Herbs for Menopause.

    1. Synthetic Hormones/ Hormone Replacement Therapy:

    The hormones taken in HRT are not molecularly the same as the hormones in your body. They don't balance your hormone level as much as they "turn off" the symptoms of menopause.

    2. Bioidentical Hormones:

    These hormones are made in a lab and are molecularly the same as the hormones in your body. They are made from plants, and they focus on balancing your hormone levels.

    3. Natural Herbs for Menopause: (The best choice!)

    These menopause natural remedies contain phytohormones, or plant hormones. These hormones are not the same as the hormones in your body, but they give your body hormone-like effects.

    Because herbs don't contain actual estrogen, but phyto-estrogen, they are thought to help protect you against breast cancer.

    Some herbal remedies have been used for centuries (black cohosh and don quai), and have been shown to safely treat symptoms of menopause because of their estrogen-like effects.

    Many women dislike being on hormone replacement therapy, and have therefore opted to treat their symptoms and bring balance to their bodies through the use of herbs.

    Among other benefits, herbs can reduce hot flashes and night sweats, and relieve vaginal dryness and symptoms of PMS.

Be Holistic

It's not just herbs and vitamins that will help your body regain balance.

Approaching your treatment holistically can bring you added benefits.

Improving your diet, reducing your stress, and being honest with yourself will do wonders for your physical and mental health.

Take advantage of the body-mind-spirit integration.

Focus on yourself, your dreams, and making your whole life healthy.

Your body will love you for it.

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