Do You Have High Estrogen Symptoms?

Estrogen is a necessary hormone in a woman's body, but having symptoms of high estrogen can be uncomfortable - and possibly dangerous.

10 Symptoms of Too Much Estrogen

Many women in premenopause (usually beginning around 35 years old) experience the symptoms of excess estrogen:

Treating High Estrogen Symptoms

There are a few things that you can do to help bring balance to your estrogen and progesterone levels.


You can eat foods that block estrogen.


This natural herb encourages a balance of estrogen and progesterone by helping your body create more progesterone naturally.


This herb can help to block some of your body's estrogen and lower your estrogen level.

Use Progesterone Cream

You can also increase your progesterone level with bioidentical progesterone (progesterone that is molecularly the same as the progesterone produced in your body).

Progesterone cream is a good way to do this. You can get it over the counter or (a higher dose) from your doctor. It is easy to use and is quite effective. Wild yam cream is one popular cream that can raise your progesterone level.

You rub a small amount anywhere on your body, and it will gradually increase your progesterone level, thereby balancing your estrogen level and stopping your symptoms.

Avoid Plastics

Believe it or not, plastic contains estrogen and can contribute to your high estrogen level. The more flexible the plastic, the more estrogen it contains. Consider storing your food in glass containers and avoiding plastic water bottles. Definitely don't microwave your food in plastic containers.

Why Do We Experience Symptoms of Too Much Estrogen?

Often, estrogen dominance actually has to do with another hormone in your body - progesterone. Progesterone is a hormone that balances the estrogen in your body.

Estrogen and progesterone work together to balance each other and make you healthy. If your progesterone levels are too low, that imbalance can cause you to have symptoms of estrogen dominance.

And, most pre menopausal women have low levels of progesterone because when you stop ovulating, your progesterone levels drop.

That means that you could have symptoms of excess estrogen, but your estrogen levels are normal and your progesterone levels are too low.


If your estrogen levels actually are high and not just a symptom of low progesterone, one danger is the possibility of increased risk of cancer.

Excess estrogen has been found to be associated with breast, ovarian, and uterine cancer.

See your doctor to have your hormone levels tested. Your doctor can use a blood, saliva, or urine test to identify your hormone levels. Balancing your hormones can be a tricky task, and it can take a few different treatments until you find what is right for your body.

Don't give up! You'll get there, and you will feel normal again!

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