Natural Relief From
Menopause Night Sweats

70-85% of women in perimenopause and menopause experience menopause night sweats and menopause hot flashes.

Those night sweats make it hard for us to think, work, and function during the day. Here are some ways to naturally cool things down.

menopause night sweats

Natural Relief: Lifestyle

Try these lifestyle changes before you consider using medications to treat your night sweat issues.

  • Temperature: Set your thermostat to a nice, cool temperature (68 degrees F / 20 degrees C).

    If this temperature feel like Antarctica to your partner, give him and electric blanket, and hopefully, you can both sleep peacefully!

    Using fans and air conditioners in your bedroom can also help you.

  • Menopause Pajamas: Avoid tight fitting pajamas and steer toward loose, breathable fabrics.

    Consider wearing pajamas made of fabrics that will wick away moisture. There are actually pajamas made specifically to help keep you dry and cool in the night!

    I recommend this pajama set for hot nights. (affiliate link)

  • Sheets: Just as companies make nightgowns of fabrics that wick away moisture, they also make bedding for the same purpose - lucky you!

  • Food: Avoid caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, and smoking. All of these things can be irritants that trigger your night sweats.

  • De-Stress: Stress is another irritant that triggers night sweats. Be sure to relax before you hop into bed.

    Also, consider starting your day with a quiet mediation. Just 5 minutes of centering yourself can make a huge difference for your coming day.

Natural Relief: Herbs and Supplements

Many plants and herbs have estrogen like qualities that can help to effectively treat your menopause night sweats.

  • Black cohosh: This herb has helped many, many women get a good night's sleep.

    German scientists have been studying the effects of black cohosh for 50 years, and they have found it to be a safe and effective way of treating hot flashes and night sweats. Take 20 mg twice a day.

    Order Black Cohosh here. (affiliate link)

  • Calcium-magnesium: Taking this before you go to sleep can help to relax your body and get you to sleep through the night.

    Order Calcium & Magnesium here. (affiliate link)

  • Dong quai: Chinese women have been using this herb for centuries to cool down their nights.

    Order Dong Quai here. (affiliate link)

  • Flax Seeds: Eating these ground seeds can help to stop your night sweats. Take 1 tablespoon two times daily.

    Order flax seed meal here. (affiliate link)

  • Chasteberry: This herb will naturally boost your estrogen and help your night sweats.

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  • Soy Estrogen: Soy foods contain a type of plant estrogen that can ease your night sweats.

What's Going On?

You wake up in the middle of the night to intense heat.

Then you realize that you are sweating so much that you have soaked not only your nightgown, but also your sheets!

Now you have to drag your sleepy body out of bed and change your clothes before you can try to get back to sleep.

It's no wonder menopausal women can be a bit irritable - we're not sleeping very well!

Scientists are still unclear as to the exact cause of menopause night sweats, but they certainly seem to be caused by our fluctuating hormone levels (specifically, low estrogen and progesterone).

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