Menopause Pajamas Are Cool

(Pun Intended)

If you don't want to drown to death during night sweats, using menopause pajamas is one solution for you.

They wick away moisture so you get dry faster, and they keep your body temperature lower than regular cotton or polyester pajamas.

And, get this, wearing these pajamas helps wet skin dry faster than if you have your skin uncovered.

That means you'll stay dryer and cooler in these things than if you're naked!

Many companies make these pajamas, and you can order right off their websites or though Amazon (affiliate link) if you're more comfortable with that.

If you don't want to buy special menopause pajamas, you can also try regular silk pajamas. Silk dries faster than cotton/polyester pjs, and it feels so soft and lovely on your skin.

I always feel like I'm treating myself to something special when I wear silk pajamas.

Cool-Jams Wicking Sleepwear for Night Sweats (affiliate link)

Not Just for Menopause

I don't know about your sleeping situation, but once my husband goes to sleep, his body turns into a furnace.

It's too hot for me, it's uncomfortable for him, and it's bad for our sheets!

You can get wicking pajamas for guys too. (Just don't call them "menopause pjs" to him.)

Men's Wicking Boxer Pajama Set (affiliate link)

Other Tips to Stop Hot Flashes

You've probably already thought of this, but you'll want to set your thermostat to a pretty cool temperature. (68 degrees F is pretty good!)

Avoiding stress, caffeine, alcohol, spicy food, and smoking will also help.

You can also buy special sheets that have the same wicking qualities as the pajamas we talked about above.

The downside of the sheets is that they are pretty pricey. You can read more about these sheets (affiliate link) on Amazon.

You can also regulate your hormone levels with natural supplements like black cohosh, dong quai, flax seeds and chasteberry.

Here's to a good night's sleep!

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