Menopause Treatments

menopause treatments

So, you're going through "the change" and exploring your options for menopause treatments, right?

Menopause is the time in your life when your ovaries stop producing eggs, you stop getting your period, and your hormone levels change dramatically. Below, you'll find a list of symptoms and natural menopause treatments.

Along with the information below, this site has great information on natural health remedies and treatments for menopause.

Menopause Treatments For...

1. Menopause Hot Flashes

& Night Sweats

Feeling like you're sitting in the middle of a sweat lodge is not exactly a comfortable situation.

Treat you hot flashes with natural herb and plant supplements like black cohosh and maca, changes in diet, and lowering your stress level with mediation or exercise.

2. Weight Gain

Ahh, just what you need... along with everything else, your body is beginning to deal with weight differently than ever before.

Along with weight gain, have you noticed that you're beginning to carry weight differently?

When we were younger, our hormones helped us to achieve more of an hourglass figure, whereas now, our weight tends to gather at our waist.

Eating a high fiber diet is one change that can help you to lower those numbers on the scale.

3. Headaches

These are caused from imbalanced levels of estrogen and progesterone. Typically, low levels of both of these hormones can cause terrible migraines.

Taking herbs like feverfew and black cohosh will help.

4. Breast Pain

Swollen and tender breasts are quite uncomfortable! Taking E and D vitamins and omega-3 supplements, limiting your caffeine, salt, and fat intake and including fiber in your diet can help.

Many women find that placing ice packs on their chest for 5-10 minutes can help to ease the pain. And be sure to wear a bra that provides ample support when you're exercising! (You are exercising, right? Even just a little walk is good for you!)

5. Depression

10% of women experience menopause depression, and many of the other 90% feel more irritable than before menopause. It's very possible that your changing hormone levels are making you feel icky. Read more here.

6. Joint Pain and Osteoarthritis

Taking supplements such as glucosamine chondroitin and omega-3 fats can help this problem. Also, doing a workout routine that involves stretching- such as yoga and pilates- can help.

7. Digestive Problems

Feeling bloated, having excess gas, heartburn, constipation, and diarrhea are signs of digestion issues. Diet and exercise can help these issues along with antioxidants, ginger and dandelion.

8. Menopause Insomnia

Not getting enough sleep can be difficult for both you and the people around you! (Hey, you're grumpy, you can't help it!)

Lack of sleep also contributes to rising levels of stress, weight gain, and a variety of other negative side effects.

There is a long list of menopause treatments for this one. It includes taking natural supplements, eating right, and following a routine for bed time.

9. Menopause Fatigue

Lack of sleep isn't the only factor for your cloudy thinking and sluggish days. Blame your shifting hormones, work and family stress, and possibly your diet. Fight menopause fatigue with maca, ginseng, licorice root, and lifestyle changes.

10. Osteoporosis & Bone Loss

In order to avoid this, it's important to manage your weight by exercising and eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

You should also take a calcium supplement and be sure to balance your estrogen and progesterone levels (You can do this with natural estrogen replacements and progesterone cream.)

11. Vaginal Dryness

This is caused from a drop in your estrogen level, and it can make sex and urination painful. Not fun. Treatments include some kind of estrogen therapy (like estrogen cream), testosterone supplements, water based lubricants, and reducing your stress level.

If you are wondering about more of the symptoms of menopause, see this list of menopause signs

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