Natural Estrogen Cream:
Boost Your Low Estrogen

Using estrogen cream is one way to treat your low estrogen level. It can help your skin look younger, and it can also treat vaginal dryness.

During menopause, our hormone levels begin to act crazy. Our ovaries begin to stop producing estrogen like they did in our 20s and 30s as our bodies begin to shift their focus away from reproduction.

When our estrogen levels drop, it can cause all kinds of uncomfortable symptoms: hot flashes, depression, fatigue, vaginal dryness... The list goes on.

Estrogen creams, a type of topical estrogen, are a good way to boost our estrogen levels because they contain lower doses of estrogen than oral supplements (about one-tenth as much, in fact).

But you should still follow the advice of your doctor. You don't want to overuse the cream and give your body too much estrogen.

You can find it in a few different forms: tablets, rings, and creams.

Rubbing It On Your Skin

By rubbing the cream onto your arms or thighs twice a day, you'll help your skin look young and healthy.

The cream helps boost the collagen levels in your skin, making your skin look fresh. It's absorbed into your bloodstream, and it circulates throughout your body.

You can purchase this without a prescription from your doctor.

Vaginal Estrogen Cream

Women are often prescribed this to treat vaginal dryness. You can only get this through a prescription from your doctor.

It can help to relieve vaginal dryness by helping to make your vaginal tissue thicker and improving your blood supply.

If you are using estrogen cream to treat vaginal dryness, you may be prescribed cream that you insert into your vagina, an estrogen ring, or an estrogen tablet.


You insert this cream directly into your vagina in much the same way you would with a yeast infection cream.

Estrogen Rings

Estrogen rings are small, flexible rings that you place inside your vagina. They gradually release estrogen, and you keep them in for up to three months.

Once it is in place, you won't be able to feel it, and you will be able to have sex and urinate without noticing it.

When you use an estrogen ring, the estrogen stays fairly localized and does not circulate to the rest of your body as much as it would with an oral estrogen supplement.

Estrogen Tablets

If you are prescribed estrogen tablets for your vaginal dryness, you'll insert a tablet into your vagina, and it will slowly release estrogen.

Like using an estrogen ring, the estrogen from these tablets stays fairly localized and doesn't circulate to the rest of your body as much as it would with an oral estrogen supplement.

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