Vaginal Dryness
& Vaginal Atrophy

During peri menopause and after menopause, many women experience vaginal atrophy (the thinning and swelling of vaginal tissue).

This results in vaginal dryness and irritation, making urination and sexual intercourse painful. Some women don't seek any help for their vaginal discomfort because they are embarrassed to speak with anyone about this issue. But, you may be surprised at how many other women are feeling the same discomfort that you are having.

You can condition your vaginal muscles, enhance your sex life, and feel better.

Natural Relief: Supplements & Creams

  • Estrogen Cream: Your vagina needs estrogen and testosterone to remain healthy. Among other things, these two hormones help to maintain the levels of vaginal bacteria and ensure the right amount of blood flow.

    Many woman have found using vaginal estrogen cream to be extremely helpful - better than the use of anything oral. This cream adds the right kind of estrogen to thicken your vaginal tissue and keep you lubricated. You insert it directly into your vagina before going to sleep.


  • Flax Seeds: Because of the estrogen like effects that these seeds give our bodies, taking 1 tablespoon of ground flax seed daily can help to relieve vaginal dryness (along with hot flashes and night sweats).


  • Soy: Soy contains isoflavones, a type of plant estrogen that can help to relieve vaginal dryness.

  • Testosterone For Women: Taking a testosterone supplement like maca root can also bring back your libido and help cure vaginal dryness and irritation along with the use of vaginal estrogen cream.


  • Progesterone Cream: Rubbing 1/4- 1/2 tsp into your body each day can help your vaginal dryness.

  • Licorice Root: Some women use a topical cream made from licorice root to help alleviate their vaginal dryness.

Natural Relief: Lifestyle

  • Stress: If you are feeling stressed, try to carve out some time in your week for "you time." For five minutes - fifteen minutes - half an hour.... focus on only yourself. Shut the door, sit down, and breath. I love de-stressing with a warm bath, scented candles, some relaxing music.

  • Diet: One of the negative effects of caffeine is vaginal dryness. Try avoiding irritants like caffeine, alcohol, and excess sweets.

  • More Foreplay, Please: If you suspect that lack of foreplay is playing a part in your vaginal dryness and irritation, talk to your partner about taking it slowly.

    Increasing foreplay gives your vagina a chance to lubricate itself, which will make sex much more pleasant. You may also want to try a water based lubricant if you are too dry during sex.

  • More Sex, Please: Keeping an active sex life can also reduce your vaginal atrophy.

  • Medications & Other: Anti-depressants, decongestants, oral contraceptives, too much caffeine, and smoking can irritate your vaginal atrophy.

Bottom Line?

Don't suffer in silence. You are not alone. (It's estimated that nearly half of all peri menopausal and menopausal women have experienced vaginal atrophy or are currently experiencing it.)

Help your body and your life by taking actions to relieve your pain. You deserve to live your best life.

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