Menopause Cream:
Progesterone Cream &
Estrogen Cream

Progesterone cream and estrogen cream are two types of menopause cream that women use to ease symptoms of menopause and peri menopause.

menopause cream

Progesterone Cream

Progesterone cream is one of the most popular types of menopause creams used during perimenopause.

It can stop heavy menstrual bleeding, balance your hormones, relieve breast tenderness, menstrual cramps, and vaginal dryness. It can also improve your skin by reducing acne and age spots.

The progesterone in this cream is absorbed into your body when you apply it to your neck, arms, face, inner thighs, and hands.

You can get progesterone cream both with a prescription from your doctor and over the counter. The percentage of progesterone will be higher if you use a cream prescribed by your doctor.

The most commonly used non-prescription progesterone cream is Pro-Gest which has a 2% progesterone level.

Wild yam cream is another type of progesterone cream which is made from the roots of wild yams.

Rub this cream into your body once or twice a day for two to three weeks leading up to your period. When you get your period, discontinue your use and begin again two weeks later.

It may take two to three months to see results.

Side Effects of Progesterone Cream

It makes some women feel tired, so use it in the evenings if you are using one does a day. If you are using two doses a day, apply a smaller dose in the morning than you do in the evening.

Women need progesterone if they are on estrogen therapy because progesterone can protect the uterus from the effects of too much estrogen. If this is the case for you, know that progesterone cream does not give you enough progesterone to protect your uterus.

Estrogen Cream

Like progesterone cream, topical estrogen helps to make your skin look healthy and young. It increase your skin's collagen level and keeps your skin moisturized.

You rub it into your thighs or arms twice a day.

You can also use vaginal estrogen cream made with the estrogen estriol. It can help to relieve vaginal atrophy and vaginal dryness. It helps to make your vaginal tissue thicker and improve your blood supply.

Estriol vaginal cream is made from the estrogen estriol which is a natural estrogen that doesn't accelerate the growth of breast or uterine tissue as much as estrone and estradiol, the two other types of estrogen.

One of the benefits of using this cream is that it gives your body enough estrogen to relieve vaginal dryness, but not enough estrogen to give you the negative side effect of excess estrogen.

These are available with a prescription from your doctor.

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