Managing My Estrogen Source Levels Naturally

by Sue

When I turned 39, I began experiencing unlikely mood swings – one minute I would be irritable, the next, I would be depressed. When I watched television, even the commercials would make me cry. I would get angry on the smallest things at my family members. Stress, anger, and depression engulfed my days. In the beginning, I thought I was pregnant, but after visiting my doctor, I was told these symptoms were the result of unbalanced and fluctuating hormones. I was about to hit my menopause.

My first thought upon this revelation was that I was too young for menopause. But I was assured by my doctor that this was only the early stage and that my actual and final menopause would come about in about 4-8 years. This news made me feel better. But as I went home and back to my everyday life, my mood swings became incontrollable! I needed an alternative method to fix this problem of mine. I knew I had to balance my hormones before I began hurting the feelings of my loved ones.

After a small research, I learnt a few tips and tricks to control my emotions. The first step I took was to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet. I consumed a high lean protein diet, which went a long way in making me feel better, and also controlled my weight from gaining. I ate less high glycemic foods, no sugars, and threw out white flour from my kitchen. I ate more of the omega 3 fats and controlled my changing moods.

I also began exercising. A vigorous exercise took care of my health, along with my mood and my life. I took Pilates and yoga lessons to mediate and soothe my muscles. I began relaxing this way and enjoyed my hot flashes.

When I would get depressed, I would spend some time in solitude, or spent time with a journal. I wrote notes in it, drew in it and scribbled around. I drew out my emotional energies within my small book.

Slowly I began enjoying the years of menopause and controlled my hormonal imbalances. I afflicted no harm to others and controlled myself temperament as well!

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